HR Due Diligence

The key to a successful Human Resource Management program is strategic HR planning, which includes developing distinctive plans to maintain a competitive advantage. The main tool for this is HR Due Diligence.HR Due Diligence, or Management Audit as it is also known, has become a regular feature of assignments undertaken by CSP Partners. This powerful technique offers senior management valuable insights into and understanding of the true nature of an organization.

Our consultants evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of key managers and employees against the company‘s strategy and business objectives. They can then make recommendations as to how to improve the structure of the organization and the performance of the key people.

We can support:

  • Appreciation of Strengths & identifying Weaknesses in the HR organization

    Analyzing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s personnel potential (Management Audit).

  • Analyzing Opportunities & Threats

    Analyzing the factors that affect a company’s performance, such as changes in technology or marketing approach, availability of resources, employee competency and all other factors related to HR structures (HR Risk Analyzes).

  • Clarifying the Company Mission in the HR Area

    What are the company’s goals for the future? What are the key values and priorities of the management team? Formulation of processes for future personnel development on the basis of the company’s mission (HR Targeting)

  • Implementing new HR processes

    In cooperation with strategic partners we help with the implementation of new HR processes.