Executive search

Thorough Systematic Direct Search (Executive Search) is the most effective method of recruiting senior management and experts. Executive Search ensures that the client appoints the most suitable candidate who not only possesses relevant experience for the role, but who also has the personality to contribute to the company’s strategy, culture and values.

Executive Searches are well researched and targeted to stimulate interest in the vacancy from top performers. Typically, such people are already well rewarded by good employers and therefore rarely look for new jobs, so they would be unlikely to respond to advertisements or send their CVs to database recruitment agencies. CSP Partner’s professional consultants are well versed in the multi-phased approach necessary to attract and secure high quality people for their clients.

The process is complex and includes:

  • Analytical Phase

    Together with our client, we analyze the requirements for a given position (this includes the organizational structure, strategic and operative tasks, company culture, etc.).

  • Search Phase

    All potential candidates for a given position are systematically identified and approached individually from a the target list of companies.

  • Evaluation Phase

    Those identified as potential candidates are evaluated and the most suitable are short listed. Confidential reports covering their personal and professional profiles as well as our assessment are prepared for the client.

  • Presentation Phase

    The selected candidates are presented to the client. We participate in resolving all of the issues necessary for a successful conclusion to the assignment.

  • Communication

    We keep our client informed regularly about the progress of the project. Once the candidate has been appointed, we will follow up on his or her performance and help address any issues arising.

  • Conditions

    For each search we will charge a retained fee which is calculated and agreed in advance. Our fee-level equates to about 25%–30% of an average annual salary for position in question. Our guarantee for each appointed candidate is 6–12 months.